Born into a family of art dealers ( Galleria San Carlo ) I have been a witness to contemporary art in both the pre-and post social media phases. 
After a master’s degree in Law I decided to follow my parents steps in the unruled and treacherous but not less fascinating maze of the art business. 

I attained a master’s in Art and Business at Sotheby’s London and since then I have worked as an independent art dealer in London, approaching also the London street art scene. 

Moving back to Milan in 2012 I opened DE MAGISTRIS ARTE, initially with the form of an art gallery space and then this evolved into a tailor made art consultancy service removing all and any physical and temporal boundaries. 
Flexible and open to changes, in the meantime,  I have given birth to three undisciplined and time consuming amazing girls to which I try to teach the beauty and poetics in Art, not always with excellent results!

With L’Appartamento I want to provide a familiar and relaxed space where to exhibit and to talk about contemporary Art, with a focus on emerging artists, giving a voice to younger generations who will pave the way going forward.